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"I’m on a mission to equip owner handlers with the tools, the training, and the confidence to win more in the ring…. And when you win more in the ring, you win more in life!"

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As a 20-year AKC judge, Lee Whittier knows that exhibitors have misconceptions about the “black box” of judging. Dog Show Mentor helps owner handlers move past common assumptions, reduce ring nerves, and focus on practical strategies that result in higher win rates. As a mindset coach, she helps her members take ownership of ring presentation which takes their performance to the next level.

Lee Whittier designed Dog Show Mentor to give owner handlers accurate information about what judges are looking for. Lee knows how decisions are made inside the ring and how you can use this information to win more.


This Is What You Can Expect Being an Insider at Dog Show Mentor

No other program has developed the breadth or depth of detailed, accessible on-demand content as Dog Show Mentor. Topics range from selecting & raising your show puppy to overcoming specific challenges for a stellar ring presentation.

Lee’s 100+ MasterClasses and 50+ expert interviews provide insider knowledge on preparing and showing your dog. And there’s more content created all the time!

Top athletes and business leaders have coaches to teach, support, and guide them. If you want better results in the ring, you need a coach too!

As a coach and mentor, Lee motivates her members with personalized, process-driven, goal-oriented plans and strategies to build a track record of success and get better all the time. She builds confidence, leans into the power of mindset, and strengthens your mental game.


Being part of the Dog Show Mentor community gives you more than just access to great content, insider knowledge, and personalized attention.

You will also benefit from support and companionship in our vast community of owner handlers. Lee helps her community bond via webinars, workshops, MasterClasses, and a private social media group to widen the circle of support.

Lee Whittier

Lee Whittier’s multidimensional experience in the dog show world sets Dog Show Mentor apart. She has the knowledge of a judge, the motivational skills of a coach and mentor, and the drive of an owner handler.

She can relate to the disappointment of coming home from a dog show empty-handed and the feeling of accomplishment when your very good dog makes you proud.

Join now to become a Dog Show Mentor member, and together we can learn and celebrate your wins.


AKC Judge

Lee is an active and well-respected member of the AKC Judging community. She has developed mentoring relationships across every breed and group where she can quickly tap into the knowledge and expertise of her peers. As a former AKC Executive Field Representative, she also has the perspective of how judging dogs outside the ring differs from judging them in the ring, hands-on. This depth of knowledge helps you learn how to present your breed more effectively as an owner handler.

For more than 20 years, she has traveled across the U.S. to dog shows, small and large, including some of the most prestigious shows in the country.

Coach and Mentor

Lee’s professional background is in coaching and mentoring. She has helped individuals—and dog clubs—resolve the “unresolvable.” With Dog Show Mentor, she has dedicated herself to giving great advice to owner handlers and clarifying critical aspects of navigating the dog show world. Dog Show Mentor is right for motivated owner handlers of all levels of expertise who want to do some serious winning!

Owner Handler

Lee is a second-generation dog person. Her mother dabbled at breeding and showing Collies and Golden Retrievers. Lee took her mother’s hobby further as an adult, breeding Best in Show, Specialty-winning Rottweilers for over 25 years and showing many breeds in the Working, Sporting and Non-Sporting groups. She’s also an active member of local, regional and breed clubs. At the moment, she has four rambunctious Tibetan Terriers, including a new puppy!


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