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Work directly with Lee Whittier, 1:1 or in the group, online or virtually. NO other dog show training program has this amount of detailed course content, live masterclasses AND the working knowledge and wisdom of a breeder/owner/handler and 20-year AKC Judge.


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The Key Features

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Full access to everything that's been going on these last five years!

Not ONE but THREE live interactive MasterClasses every month. One interview with a dog expert, i.e., judge, handler, expert in trimming, etc. every month.

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PLUS BIG discounts for Spotlights on your breed, 1:1 coaching with Lee and more perks!

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With a judge’s perspective, I’m here to help you succeed! Whether you're just starting out or a veteran in the Sport; whether your goal is to be a top ranked owner handler or increase your dog in the rankings, you're in the right place. Almost any owner handler can enjoy the limelight with the right strategies, guidance and support. This membership program is all about guiding you and your dog on how to WIN MORE IN THE RING!

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The Dog Show Mentor Program

The first and only premier educational & motivational program from the unique perspective of an AKC multi-group judge. The Dog Show Mentor Program, includes:
  • Guidance & insider conversations from an AKC multi-group judge 
  • Ring Presentation: How-to’s through online MasterClasses with interactive Q&A
  • Interviews with judges & dog show experts
  • Private Community Group for access to Lee plus support & tips from other members
  • Spotlight On Your Breed: What does your breed standard really say?
  • Secret Weapon Sessions – 1:1 coaching
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The APP! 

Use the DSM App!  As a member of Dog Show Mentor, you can access learning 24/7/365.  Over 100 interactive Masterclasses in the library. Miss a MasterClass? No problem! We've got you covered. We're here for you to answer your questions, teach you, uplift you, share tips or just a laugh. All this in the palm of your hand!

What Does it Cost?

"I’ve been showing dogs all my life with several breaks of 6-10 years in between when I was busy with work. With my kids grown and getting a really good dog that I’ve been hoping for, I joined DSM. Lee is giving me keys to unlock and achieve my dreams. Thank you Lee Whittier!"

Jennifer S. Sporting from TX

"This wonderful program offers insight, support, encouragement and knowledge. I love how Lee and the members of DSM encourage everyone be the best they can be. Awesome program. I tell everyone about it!"

Linda B. Non-Sporting from FL

"Lee and the DSM program helped me to be in the correct and winning mindset. [I was able] to quickly recover from my mistakes, deal with the fact that I had none of my “items” with me in the ring, and to graciously and confidently show off the many virtues of my dog. If this had happened to me before I joined DSM, I probably would have lost my composure. I considered this day a huge success. Thanks, Lee!!! ❤️"

Molly S. Non-Sporting from NY

"I went back and reviewed my goals, then listened to our private mentoring session earlier this year. Fantastic! Put me back on track, and I feel like I have a very good plan moving into the next few months. There are some new goals that I will articulate better, and ferret out a solid plan. Thank you, Lee Whittier, for a great blueprint!"

Christine R. Working from SoCal

"I don't have the time to participate live often, but your resources are amazing. I'm so excited. Lee, this is the first time I feel like I'm totally prepared and can't wait to get out there! It's awesome having some insight as to what judges are looking for. I'm ready, and my dog is ready. "

Jill R. NorCal - Herding

Do you want to go from hoping to winning? Are you ready to get started?

Whether you are preparing for your first show and need guidance on basic etiquette or are already placing sporadically in the group and want to create a new approach to consistently improve your win rate, this program is for you.

Membership Levels

Choose the level that best suits your needs and your budget!





✔️ Geographic breed exclusivity
✔️ Interaction & support in private Community group
✔️ Rewards program
✔️1 LIVE interactive MasterClass
✔️ Unlock 1 MasterClass from archive
✔️ Unlock 1 dog expert interview
✔️ Private coaching w/ Lee @ $150
✔️ Spotlight on your breed @ $199

*$25 one-time setup fee 

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Amazing Value

✔️2 Live Interactive MasterClasses every month

✔️ Interaction & support in private Community group

✔️ Rewards program

✔️1 Group live Q&A MasterClass
✔️Immediate access to entire MasterClass archive
✔️Immediate access to all dog expert interviews
✔️Private 1:1 coaching w/Lee @ $125
✔️Spotlight on your breed @ $149

*$50 one-time setup fee

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12-month Program

Custom program to elevate your position in the World of Purebred Dogs! Go! Win! Repeat!

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